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About us

Tubby is a 100% New Zealand owned online store that aims to bring down the international boundaries of shopping online. We scour the world to find you the best deals every day, and deliver them to you without those excessive shipping costs, in fact, no shipping costs at all!

Please join us in our journey to revolutionise the way Kiwi's shop online. We aim to offer the friendliest customer service and bring a bit of fun back to shopping. Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can make your shopping experience better. We are always happy to help.

Start shopping the Tubby way!

Tubby Office

Why shop at Tubby?

Although you may have a smorgasbord of choices as to where to shop on both local and international levels, only Tubby will give you the lowest priced deals for the best value. We commit to achieve the highest standards for quality online service at very affordable prices.

Here are some reasons why you should choose to shop at Tubby:

- Local Products
We value our local culture. “Love your own,” as the old adage goes. We value our collaboration with local authors, artists, publishers and authors to ensure that New Zealand products are available on Tubby.

- Wide Range of Products
We have an impressive array of product from all over the world, to offer our customers a huge range of products to choose from at the very best prices.

- Free Shipping
We offer free shipping on all orders. Yes, that’s right! Free shipping on ALL orders within New Zealand!

- Friendly and dedicated customer service team
A very friendly and dedicated customer service team supports, so you can call or email us directly for all your inquiries, questions and requests.

- Choice of Payment Method
At Tubby, we do not require you to have a credit card to enjoy the convenience of online shopping. We accept bank deposits, Paypal, cheques, as well as credit cards.

- Support your Local Economy
No need to let international institutions and restrictive tax policies affect your online shopping experience! New Zealanders can support the local economy and strengthen our currency through Tubby.

Site Features:

Below are some nifty features to make your online shopping experience more convenient. We will keep adding more features in the very near future.

- Online Account Administration
Our user-friendly interface makes it very convenient for you to manage your personal information and shopping list in real time. Update your email address, make and cancel orders, change payment methods or print invoices online with just a few clicks and a reliable amount of security.

- Regular Order Status Updates
Simply log on to 'My Account' to monitor your order’s progress in real time then view estimated delivery times. You will also receive updates through email.

- Express Checkout
After you complete your first order, the site saves your preferred shipping address and preferred payment method in order to keep your online shopping experience convenient. All information is kept confidential and secure.

- Recommendations
By utilizing complex search algorithms, Tubby recommends other items a customer may be interested in purchasing based on their viewing and ordering history.